Exploring the forbidden music by Ustad Saami in his homeland, Pakistan.    ”

Ustad Saami: "God Is Not A Terrorist"

An adventurous travel through the hills of Butare lead us to the Abatwa, the Pigmy of Rwanda and Burundi. Enjoy the making of the record "Why Did We stop Growing Tall?   ”

Abatwa (The Pigmy): Why Did We stop Growing Tall?

The making of Tanzania Albinism Collective on Ukerewe Island.    ”

Tanzania Albinism Collective

An extraordinary journey through the prisons of Zomba, Malawi.    ”

Zomba Prison Project

A deep journey into the heart of Zmei3, one of the most acclaimed bands ever from Romania. Watch the video here, filmed in the Transylvania mountains, just walking distance from Dracula's castle.   ”

The making of "Rough Romanian Soul"

 Here is the teaser of the album "They Will Kill You, If You Cry", directly from the survivors' voices of Cambodia's genocide.   ”

Khmer Rouge Survivors

Filming the Malawi Mouse Boys in their village while recording their second record and hunting mice is priceless.   ”

The making of "Dirt is Good" by the Malawi Mouse Boys

An insight into the making of this record, released on the 40th anniversary since the end of the Vietnam war.   ”

"Hanoi Masters" documentary

Interviewing Jovanotti in the making of his debut record for America "Italia 1987-2012".   ”

Jovanotti's documentary for the USA

A stunning recording in the French countryside with the most prominent female throat singer from Tuva, near Mongolia.   ”

Sainkho Namtchylak: "Like a bird or spirit, not a face"

Bob Forrest, American star from Thelonious Monster and The Bicycle Thief, recording his first solo record after the successful documentary "Bob and the monster".   ”

Bob Forrest's making of "Survival Songs"