About me

I was born in Italy and earned my Master's Degree in Languages for International Communication in 2006. My first thesis was "African Cinema", the second was "An anthropological study on Ayao society in Malawi". Yes, I am very fond of Africa since my mother is from Rwanda, and I've always nourished a deep passion for cinema.

In 2007, I moved to Los Angeles to study documentary filmmaking at UCLA (University of California), during which time I also took theater classes at TOA (Hollywood). I worked as a voice-over actor for motion pictures at Cinemagnetic West Studios and also taught Italian language at the Italian Institute of Culture. 

In 2009 I moved to Paris where I spent another two years working as interpreter and teacher. I also started working for artists and musicians as filmmaker, photographer ,and interpreter. My first music project was for American producer Ian Brennan ,who won a Grammy-award for that very record: "Tassili" by legendary Touareg band ,Tinariwen. That trip to Mali, spent surrounded by the sand-dunes of the Sahara, camped in the middle of nowhere, and armed only with a tent and camera, signaled the beginning of my career as as a documentarian.


Our record "God is not a terrorist" by Ustad Saami got nominated in the ASIA category of the Songlines Music Awards 2020


Our Zomba Prison Project scores 3 Nominations at the Emmys


Grammy's: our record Zomba Prison Project nominated Best World Music Record