Marilena Delli Umuhoza is an Italian-Rwandan photographer, filmmaker, and author. For the past twelve years she has partnered with American Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan. Her work has been featured in the likes of BBC, CNN, NPR, Rolling Stone, and focus on artists from under-represented countries like Rwanda, Malawi, South Sudan, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Romania. Brennan and Delli’s work on the Grammy-nominated Zomba Prison Project album was featured on the front-page of the New York Times and in an Emmy-winning segment of 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper reporting. 

Marilena is also a right activist who has written two books about racism in Italy. These books are based on her personal experience growing up with an immigrant mother in one of Italy's most conservative regions.

Marilena is the curator of a national radio show in Italy devoted to Italian African descendants. She also hosts a Podcast featuring Italians of foreign origin speaking about racism, music, and  topical issues. For over a decade, Delli has been speaking publicly about institutional racism within Italy and advocating for changes to the existing citizenship laws. 

In 2020, Marilena was named one of the "50 Women of the Year” (2020) by the major Italian national daily newspaper, La Repubblica.


-Antidoti contro la rabbia (Anger Antidotes) -translation

-Razzismo all'italiana (Racism Italian Style) -memoir

-How music dies -photos

-Silenced by sound -photos

-Negretta: baci razzisti (Little Black Girl: Racist Kisses)- novel


Independent videographer

Zomba Prison Project

Ustad Saami

Tanzania Albinism Collective


Witch Camp Ghana


Sainkho Namtchylak feat. Tinariwen

Malawi Mouse Boys

Bob Forrest

Homeless Oakland Heart

The Good Ones

Masters of Hanoi


Kong Nai & Khmer Rouge Survivors

General Paolino

Wayo (South Sudan)

West Bridge Band

Zmei Trei

Acholi Machon

Sheltered Workshop Singers



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Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Como

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Festival Ottobre Africano, Roma

Università Migrante, Milano



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The Good Ones from Rwanda are featured in The Guardian as one of "the best global artists The Grammys forgot".


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